Open Call for Proposals

ICT for Transparency and Accountability projects in Myanmar

Deadline for application is September 29, 2017 – 23.59 GMT +2


SPIDER is issuing a call for proposals for projects  in Myanmar. Myanmar is undergoing unprecedented change and there are many opportunities to contribute to development. Transparency is availability on information about commitments, decisions and the situation at large and developing a country’s transparency makes for informed and inclusive processes.

SPIDER welcomes project proposals that entail:

Collecting and sharing open data sets (for a subject area where there is little or no open data available and where there are identified stakeholders who will use this data)

Using open data for awareness raising and advocacy relying on available data shared through platforms such as for example Open Development Myanmar

Using available open data to engage with duty bearers (government, private sector and others)

This call for proposals invites projects that cover one or several steps of this chain. That is for example using available open data for awareness raising and opening discussions with duty bearers (public and private sector) to do something about the voiced concerns. 


Who can apply?                         Local NGOs, CSOs, FBOs and the like

Duration of projects                 1 year

Maximum funds                         500 000 SEK

Application deadline: 23:59 local Swedish time (GMT +2) 29 September 2017

Criteria for SPIDER project parters are listed here

Application process

Please submit the following documents:

  1. Concept note (download the template here)
  2. Annual report and Financial audit of your organisation
  3. All relevant contacts for your organisation
  4. Donor references

Do not edit the template, change the font size or exceed the number of pages.

Applications that do not follow the instructions will be disqualified.

Send your application to

Time left to apply








Confirmation and communications regarding this call

A confirmation of receipt will be sent to all applicants approximately mid-September.  Time of further processing depends on the number of received concept notes.

Communications regarding this call will be made through SPIDER’s website.

Email contacts will be reserved for those selected for writing a full proposal.

More information and instructions

Read this section for SPIDER's approach to Transparency and RBM definitions

SPIDER’s approach to Transparency & Accountability

SPIDER’s approach to Transparency and Accountability is based on the assumption that accurate and openly shared data and information is the foundation for making informed choices, raising awareness and demanding action or accountability.

SPIDER defines four steps in the process of Transparency and Accountability:

  1. Information: there is accurate information about public services, demographics, relevant issues in communities etc.
  2. Access: information is available in an accessible and easy to understand format to relevant stakeholders and citizens.
  3. Action: Organisations and citizens use information to take action (this Action can range from awareness raising campaigns to policy changes or concrete actions by duty bearers).
  4. Feedback: there is a response to the actions of organisations and citizens; duty bearers either respond or take action (responses, policy changes or actual actions as in building a road).

RBM definitions

A short guideline with examples for the use of key terms.

Concept note template

Apply by 23.59 local Swedish time (GMT +2) September 29, 2017