COSTECH results 2017

COSTECH, SPIDER and Stockholm University – Department of Computer and Systems Science (DSV) partners to work at strengthening COSTECH’s capacity for research communication using ICT as a supporting tool.

SPIDER has an advisory role and provides expertise to support COSTECH’s activity on building the digital platforms that will contribute to the research communication sub-programme. Experts from DSV and other SPIDER partner universities provide on-site support through short consultancies.

Project page
The Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) is currently developing a research and innovations management system (RIMs), and a research repository to increase dissemination of research, access to research and research funding opportunities in Tanzania. The systems will be web-based and will assist researchers and innovators to publish their research, apply for research funding and research permits electronically. The work is implemented through a bi-lateral project between Sweden and Tanzania.

Spider sent personnel to COSTECH between January and June 2017. These persons supported the project team involving systems developers, researchers and IT personnel from COSTECH and local IT start-ups from innovation hubs to address capacity deficiencies and capacity building challenges. Support ranged from system requirements gathering, needs assessment, designing and making evaluations during the development processes of the mentioned systems. Systems are currently in the last cycles of development and will transform Tanzania’s research related activities.

The solutions which have been developed will provide the following web-based services:

The developed solutions will provide the following services


Research projects

Applying for and management of research projects online

Student fellowships

Applying for and management of student fellowship online

Research permits

Applying, renewing and managing research permits online

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation of research activities online

Open access to research

from individuals and institutions in Tanzania through publishing the available research


of research institutions and researchers which would pave the way to accessing experts, networking, and so on


Awareness on research, innovation and research related policies through improved communications with stakeholders