A Holistic Approach Supporting the Massive Uptake of Innovative Diagnostic technologies in low resource settings


A project to develop innovative and trustworthy healthcare diagnostics and clinical support for respiratory tract infections in Ethiopia, Senegal and Uganda.

Lower Tract Respiratory Infections such as COVID-19 can place undue burden on the health care sector, and have adverse effects on socioeconomic growth. Part of the challenge is timely diagnostics that can pave the way for appropriate interventions. These infections are classified as poverty related diseases, making it doubly difficult for underserved areas to receive the quality healthcare such epidemics demand.

The HOLICARE project proposes digital approaches to diagnostics. The approach is holistic, taking into account the need for existing infrastructures, capacity on the ground, and the uptake to new technologies.

Digital diagnostics will interface with lateral flow tests for rapid screening before referring patients who may need to seek treatment at referral hospitals. HOLICARE will be piloted in Ethiopia, Senegala and Uganda, but its methods will be adaptable and transferrable to other low resource settings.

SPIDER is leading a work package that will broker knowledge and expertise within and beyond the consortium. SPIDER will facilitate the creation and sharing of knowledge through webinars and hybrid workshops. Expertise and best practices shared with clinicians, technicians, and the research community will then be archived using open source platforms to ensure that the content is accessible and available when needed. SPIDER is preparing for its first webinar which will focus on introducing lower tract respiratory infections, and the current diagnostics in use.

About Holicare

Holicare is a collaborative project with 14 partners from Europe and Africa who are experts in health diagnostics and managment, clinical development, lateral flow tests, microfluidic thechnologies, digital communications, Artificial Intelligence solutions, developing innovative enterpreneurial ecosystems and impact innovation.

Holicare will contribute to better access to healthcare for all by developing new diagnostic technologies in Africa and by training healthcare professionals who want to implement the latest diagnostic technologies for the benefit of their patient community.

HOLICARE is funded by the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, under Grant Agreement Nº 101057596