Launch of Uganda Sign Language App November 1st

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On November 1st, Uganda National Association of the Deaf (UNAD) will launch the first Ugandan Sign Language Mobile Application.

SPIDER is proud to support the project to digitalise Ugandan Sign Language and even happier to announce this milestone. During the ceremony the Uganda Sign Language Digital Content Lab and the Strategic guide for developing digital content for learning will also be launched.

Stay tuned for more information and look for the following hashtags: #UsignApp, #DigitalizingUgSL

Deaf people make up close to 3.4% of Uganda’s population and is one of the most excluded minority groups in the country. A recent survey by UNAD estimates that 87% of Deaf people have no access to social services and this has been as a result of communication barriers that limit them from accessing education, health, legal and public services among others.

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Digitalising the Ugandan Sign Language

The project makes USl digital and will provide open source digital learning content. Results will include a mobile application, an eLearn Webportal, and DVD modules.

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Tackling inequalities through creation of digital sign language

Digital learning materials makes sign language instruction readily available, accessible and convenient. Having a language to express your opinion is important for equality.

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