Open Call: Transparency & Accountability projects in Liberia

Liberia is undergoing a reconstruction and unprecedented change and there are many opportunities to contribute to development, making it an informed and inclusive process. SPIDER issues an open call for projects using ICT to promote transparency and accountability in Liberia.

Send your application no later than August 9, 2020, Midnight CEST.

Application form

SPIDER is issuing a call for proposals for project to expand our work in Liberia.

We welcome project proposals that entail:

Collecting and sharing open data sets for a subject area where there is little or no open data available and where there are identified stakeholders who will use this data.


Using open data for awareness raising and advocacy relying on available data shared through existing platforms

Using available open data to engage with duty bearers (government, private sector and others)

This call for proposals invites projects that cover one or several steps of this chain. That is for example using available open data for awareness raising and opening discussions with duty bearers (public and private sector) to do something about the voiced concerns or Covid-19 responses. Read more about SPIDER’s approach to Transparency and Accountabilty below.

Eligibilty of applicants

SPIDER will grant funds to local civil society organisations using ICT to improve transparency and accountability.

Financial allocation and project duration

A maximum of 150 000 SEK can be applied for per project. The duration of these projects will be short, they must end by 31 December 2020. All project funding will be audited and organisations should be prepared to provide transparent and detailed financial records to SPIDER.

Project Criteria

All proposals need to adhere to SPIDER’s Criteria for project partners

Rules for the open call – Please note the following

  • Applications that exceed the page limit will be rejected.
  • Concept notes not entirely filled out will be considered incomplete and rejected
  • The application must be written in English
  • Font should be Times New Roman (or equivalent), size 10 minimum
  • SPIDER will not accept hand-written applications
  • The deadline for submission of the application is Sunday 9 August , midnight Central European Summer time
  • Applications received after the deadline will be rejected

Application documents

Send the concept note together with the organisation’s proof of registration to

Assessment and selection of applications

Following review by SPIDER, selected candidates will be notified and their names will be posted on

Successful candidates will be asked to submit a full project proposal. SPIDER reserves the right to choose project proposals which are best aligned with our goals. SPIDER is unable to provide comments or give feedback on individual applications.

More information or questions?

Due to summer holidays for most of SPIDER’s staff in July, responses to queries may be delayed.

Send queries to, we will answer as soon as possible.

Send application

Applications and supporting documents, should be sent to by midnight Sunday 9 August 2020.

SPIDER will not consider applications received after the deadline.

Time left to apply








SPIDER’s approach to Transparency and Accountability

is based on the assumption that accurate and openly shared data and information is the foundation for making informed choices, raising awareness and demanding action or accountability.


there is accurate information about public services, demographics, relevant issues in communities etc.


information is available in an accessible and easy to understand format to relevant stakeholders and citizens.


Organisations and citizens use information to take action (demanding policy changes or concrete actions from duty bearers).


Duty bearers respond or take action (responses, policy changes or actual actions as in building a road).