SPIDER Programmes

Our work intersects several thematic areas and requires the engagement of a handful of key sectors. Currently we run five main programmes. Transparency & Accountability * Health & Well-being * Education & Learning * Infrastructure & Capacity * Research & Results *. Within the Infrastructure & Capacity programme you can find the ITP Programme for ICT Regulators in Africa as well our bilateral University programmes. To read about specific projects and dive into the details of each programme click on the specific programmes below or browse through the menu above.

Research & Results

SPIDER’s research programme is dedicated to results follow up on the usage of ICT for socio-economic development and its impact on society. The integration of research activities in all our activities makes us unique.  Projects that are supported by SPIDER are the object of study. They are also the first beneficiary of the results follow up and a very important stakeholder. Researchers and experts commissioned have various academic backgrounds but a common interest in ICT for Development.

Digital Development Reporting

SPIDER is underway with digitalising all its reporting to cut out unnecessary administration time, to streamline and make reporting of results more transparent and easily standardized to international standards. This work started in 2017 and continues to inform how digitalised reporting could contribute to measurable results reporting.