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Welcoming development funders, researchers, companies, institutions, technology developers and other champions for cervical cancer elimination.

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Cervical Cancer is a highly preventable and treatable form of cancer. Yet we see too many women lose their battle against it due to late diagnosis. Reasons for this are many but its time we unite efforts to ensure cervical cancer is eliminated as a public health threat in Sub Saharan Africa. Join us, support us and invest in us! Sign up for updates and be part of the launch of the Digital African Network for Cervical Cancer Elimination.

United against Cervical Cancer - DANCCE launch

On 1 December 2022, SPIDER with partners Elekta Foundation, Uganda Cancer Insititute, Gynius and Kenya Network of Cancer Organisations will launch our joint initiative DANCCE. DANCCE stands for Digital Network of Cervical Cancer organisations. We call development funders, impact investors, researchers, leaders, cancer care ambassadors and other change and innovation champions to join this movement. Register your attendance now. We look forward to meeting you on Thursday 1 December at NOD Kista

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