Digital vouchers and improved messaging for adolescent-friendly contraceptive services

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Maisha Meds Kenya


December 2018 to October 2019



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An available software will be used to manage and sales order medication

Digital vouchers and improved messaging for adolescent-friendly contraceptive services

The implementation of the project will increase the use of contraceptives by adolescent girls in Kisumu, Kenya. The project will build an anonymous and adolesecent-friendly pathway to contraceptive through retail pharmacies, with products provided free of charge via vouchers to girls.

Key groups

Girls aged 15-17 in western Kenya, groups that work to address adolescent reproductive health, and pharmacies that deliver contraceptives in Kenya

Challenges to address

The project will address the importance of women’s reproductive health and social empowerment. Which will increase the adoption and safe use of modern contraceptives among Kenyan girls. The project will also address young people limited access to contraceptives due to financial barriers and lack of information within confidential environments.


Through the proposed project, the study of geographic distribution of voucher usage would be done among other activities. The rollout of voucher-enabled payment scheme would be established. Post-voucher follow-up surveys with pharmacists will also be done. Capacity building will be provided to partners to support enrollment. And a survey results will be conducted to inform additional activities.


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