Making Public Services for Disasters Accessible for Vulnerable Populations through Open Access Data

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East West Management Institute


July 2020 to December 2020


Mekong region (Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam)

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Transparency & Accountability


Open Data Platform


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Making Public Services for Disasters Accessible for Vulnerable Populations through Open Access Data

The project will make accessible data about public services and aid for vulnerable populations address. Relevant public services data about COVID-19 and other Mekong-specific issues that disproportionately impact women, indigenous communities, and other vulnerable populations in Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam will be accessible through the Open Development Platform.

The project will also enable duty bearers to use reliable and accessible information to inform and shift policy towards greater inclusion of and protections for marginalized populations during periods of disaster. Government services information will be publicly access. 


Policy briefs targeting duty bearers with a mandate to increase policy reforms in equality, human rights, and disaster risk management highlighting deficiencies of data will be produced to allow for further research, analysis, and advocacy

Information about data and resources will be disseminated among on ground partners and duty bearers
The national teams in Myanmar, Vietnam, Lao PDR and Thailand will collect, process and upload datasets to OD platform (approx 25 per country), as well as developed stories. interface, approx 2 per country)

Video walkthrough will be developed in at least 1 local language to be piloted during project implementation.

Data Products released will be via Facebook, Twitter and articles in Medium for stakeholders’ interest.


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