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mPower Social Enterprise Ltd


March 2017 to February 2018



Thematic Area?



Mobile technology, MCH Software on smartphones


Challenges to address

The mCare project aims to reduce the widespread incidence of maternal mortality and child mortality that results from insufficient and untimely antenatal & postnatal care of high risk pregnant mothers in rural areas of Bangladesh where maternal health care availability and coverage is low.


The aim is to reduce the incidence of maternal and child mortality through improving the Ante Natal Care (ANC) and Post Natal Care (PNC) service delivery chain. The short-term objective is to strengthen FWAs in terms of their timeliness and outreach to households in the selected areas. The specific outputs focus on optimising the workflow & decision management and service delivery capacity of FWAs in addition to ensuring adherence of beneficiaries to ANC and PNC protocol.

The software solution developed provides support to the frontline health workers to directly serve the communities and exchange data with the facilities and national e-health systems.


mPower Social Enterprise Ltd

mPower is a social enterprise working with people centered technology to create positive development impact in societies.

mPower has been working in the field of Information & Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) since 2010 and has designed and implemented ICT based solutions for various international & local NGOs, commercial entities, donors and government ministries.