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This is a network for alumni of the ITP programme for regulators.


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The Alumni Network of the ITP programme ICT Regulation is a closed network for current and past participants in the ICT Regulators – Policy and Practice ITP programme. The network is open to all who have participated in the programme irrespective of whether they are still at the national regulator or have moved on in their careers.

The main platform of the network is a closed LinkedIn Group where members can:

  • Share news publications, events other relevant forums for ICT regulation in Africa and globally
  • Discuss regulation and adjacent fields

The aim of the network is to provide ICT Regulators with access to a network of experienced peers to share news and events related to ICT regulation and engage with colleagues about regulation to promote the development, improvement and harmonisation of ICT Regulation in Africa. SPIDER aims to enable former participants to stay up to date with the ongoing work of the programme and current Change Initiatives as well as support new members to connect with those who have carried out similar work and build on already existing expertise.

You can find a list of all Change Initiative projects listed here.

You can find more information about the ITP Programme here.

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Posts from the programme

Catch up on the latest postings related to the programme here. 

What are African ICT regulators doing in response to COVID-19?

What are African ICT regulators doing in response to COVID-19?

As the demands and loads on the communication networks increased so did the pressure on National Regulatory Authorities to not only keep functioning but to solve unprecedented issues. Here are some experiences from the NRA’s in the programme.As many countries faced...

ICT Regulation programme goes digital in 2020

ICT Regulation programme goes digital in 2020

The restrictions to international movement and the guidelines issued by Sida and Stockholm University regarding social distancing precipitated a digitalisation of the Sweden phase of the programme. How do you create an online learning experience while trying to keep...

ICT regulation and Covid-19 response

ICT regulation and Covid-19 response

A lot has happened in the world the past six months and there have been many responses as well as attempts to collect impressions and taking stock thus far. This is a short introduction to some of the publications and other resources available.As we are moving into...