Annual Reports

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Dewdrops on spider web with orange background. Cover of SPIDER annual report 2016

SPIDER Annual Report 2016

Some highlights:

Expanding in new countries: Zambia and Myanmar

Open calls for projects in health and education

Pilot programme for Capacity building of ICT Regulators

Tanzanian bilateral projects: review and preparations


Sida confirmed continued support to SPIDER until the end of 2019. July 1st marks the start of the current agreement.

Finalising the agreement took until the end of the year which allowed SPIDER to dedicate the first six months of the 2015-2019 programme to planning and preparing for the coming work.


SPIDER shifted focus and started to support smaller organisations with closer local ties.

Regional and/or thematical networks for knowledge sharing and collaboration were started.

Swedish universities contributed to an empirically grounded project follow up gave theoretical context to projects.


Spider’s application to Sida for funding beyond 2015 was in focus.

All ongoing projects were finalised and and external evaluation of Spider took place.

Spider moved to new and modern premises in the NOD-building in Kista.


Projects started in 2011 were completed. The first research related to projects were also completed and reported.

The Network for ICT in Education was established. Its first members were the organisations receiving support after Spider’s open call for ICT4Education projects.

Audit reports

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External evaluations

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Evaluation of Spider´s Project and Research Performance 2011-2013.


Management response to evaluation 2011-2013


The Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER). Sida Review 2009:07.

2010 University Projects

Evaluation of the SPIDER program “ICT Project Collaboration with Swedish Partner Universities 2007-2009

2010 IPID

the International network for Post Graduate Students in the Area of ICT4D.