SPIDER launched a second open call in the education and learning programme between November 2, 2016 and January 31, 2017. The focus for the call was using ICT for vocational skills, with a special focus on heads of children-headed households or, heads of women-headed households, widows or youth in rural-, urban settings and refugee camps.

The call resulted in over 450 applications, and the different trades ranged from pottery, welding, plumbing, sewing, fishing, pig farming and entrepreneurship.

Due to the high number of quality applications the review process was delayed. We are happy to share the results of the call today. Shortlisted applicants demonstrated how they will achieve employability and learning outcomes while forming strategic partnerships with different stakeholders from different sectors.

Short list of selected concept notes

The following organisations have been invited to write a full proposal.

  • FEDEMUC (association of women farmers of Cundinamarca) and EDUCATICA in Colombia
  • Somali Youth Development Foundation
  • Uganda Reproductive Health Bureau
  • SOS Children’s Villages in Kenya
  • Masaka District Women with Disabilities Association (MADIWA) in Uganda
  • Ndola Nutrition Organisation in Zambia
  • SOS Children’s Villages in Cambodia
  • Concern for Women , Orphans and Vulnerable Children Association (COVUCA) in Uganda
  • Rukwa Sustainable Development Society (RUSUDESO) in Tanzania
  • Sangwa Job Training Center Ltd in Rwanda
  • Aridland Development Programme (ADP) in Uganda

Selected organisations will be contacted with information to write their full proposal and deadline for it.

Unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted directly due to the high number of applications received.

We would like to thank all applicants for taking the time and for submitting concept notes.

Please note that SPIDER reserves the right to choose project applications that are best aligned with our programme goals.