SPIDER and the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) have been invited to hold a second workhsop in ICT Regulation for West African regulatory authorities on 16-19 March 2021. The idea for these workshops  was sparked after the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) participated in the capacity building programme “ICT Regulation – Policy and Practice” that SPIDER and PTS jointly run.

Last year, the first workshop was held in Abuja, Nigeria. The second round of the workshop will be held online. This time, the regulatory authorities from Ghana and Camerooon will participate as well, together with NCC, and the Ministry of Communication & Digital Economy, and other Nigerian government agencies.

The workshop will provide both Swedish and regional experiences on Broadband development and rural deployment; New developments in Spectrum Management and Competition regulation; Pricing and tariff issues; and Future Regulatory issues, e.g., managing OTT services. A module on Project Management is also part of the workshop.

It is exciting to see the workshop continuing and even expanding with the participation from more West African regulators. This provides a good opportunity for networking and joint capacity building.

Ulf Larsson

Programme manager for ICT regulation - policy and practice, SPIDER

PTS, SPIDER and Ericsson Nigeria in Abuja

Fredrik Kapper, PTS; Kerstin Borglin, SPIDER; Peter Olusoji Ogundele, Ericsson Nigeria and Bo Andersson, PTS before the training in Abjua, March 2020. Photo: NCC

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