The Sweden training phase for the first round in 2017 of capacity building programme ICT Regulation – Policy and Practice has started. 18 participants from regulatory authorities in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda are discussing regulatory issues with their colleagues from PTS (The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority) as well as industry experts from for example Ericsson. Representatives from the regional regulatory organisations of East Africa (EACO) and Southern Africa (CRASA) participate as coaches in the programme.

The Sweden training is for two weeks and will equip the participants with knowledge to implement change initiatives in their home organizations in the coming year. Some examples of topics for change initiatives are spectrum auctioning; expansion of mobile broadband connectivity to rural areas; analysis of Over-The-Top-services on Tele communications markets; and Network redundancy, resilience and diversity of ICT networks.

Apart from meeting content experts, the participants will also have workshop sessions in project management and gender equality.

The picture shows participants, coaches and SPIDER personnel coordinating the programme at the NOD building in Kista.

ITP for ICT regulators 2017A participants and SPIDER coordinators at NOD. Photo by Nina Margareta Malm Pettersson

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