Last week was a momentous week for the Global Health community. At the World Health Summit, held in Berlin, Germany, more than 30 different organisations participated at the official launch of the Digital Investment Principles ( The ten principles, which support the Principles for Digital Development (, focus on the alignment of investment in digital development by funders. The aim is to promote collaboration between funders and maximise investment synergies for digital development in global health.

The Swedish Ambassador for Global Health, Anders Nordström was present and noted this as an important step for improved international collaboration. Also present, SPIDER Director, Dr John Owuor, whose organisation has been driving effort to pursuing the advancement and operationalisation of the Digital Investment Principles along with the rest of the endorsing organisations. Work is still to be done in the coming months. Today a total of 30 organisations have endorsed the principles.

SPIDER is proudly hosting the Digital Investment Principles website and raising awareness about why the principles are important for all Digital Development funders to sign up to. SPIDER will be working tirelessly with the partners to ensure more organisations join this community for real advancements towards the SDGs.

“Otherwise, if the international development actors keep doing the same thing, investing in silos the outcome will continue to be the same” Dr John Owuor, Director – SPIDER.

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