SPIDER is committed to prevent and stop any kind of misconduct that might occur in our projects or organisation. Misconduct includes corruption, illegal actions, discrimination, sexual harassment, conflicts of interest and other types of unethical behaviour.


SPIDER adheres to Sida’s definition of corruption as the abuse of trust, power or position for improper gain. The abuse referred to includes receiving and offering bribes, blackmail, conflict of interest and nepotism. 

If you suspect any kind of economic corruption or misconduct, or wish to file a complaint against SPIDER or one of our partners, let us know. All complaints will be handled in accordance with the Rules and procedure for handling suspected irregularities and crime established by Stockholm University.

Please report if:

  • You suspect corruption in a SPIDER project
  • You know that SPIDER funds are not being managed according to agreement
  • You are aware of serious misconduct by a member of SPIDER staff or SPIDER project partner staff

How to report

You can report by placing a call to +46-8-16 11 55 and leave a message. You can be anonymous if you wish.