Mapping cervical cancer efforts is underway


The Kenyan Network of Cancer Organisations (KENCO) received SPIDER grants to undertake an essential mapping of 15 African countries and thereby creating a resource for these countries to have overview of the digital projects, products and research that could be coordinated for the elimination of Cervical Cancer in the region.

The map which is expected to be available by end of 2023 is reliant on engagement of the many actors who are present in Africa but who may lack insight into what other organisations are doing to address the cancer that kills most women of all cancers in the continent. The initiative is to support the WHO Afro goal of eliminating cervical cancer as a major public health threat in Africa.

The map will be available on the Digital African Network of Cervical Cancer Elimnation (DANCCE) website where additional resources will be accessible to encourage greater collaboration and coordination for effiency.


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