We are our partnerships

SPIDER is a center of enablement in inclusive digital development and thrives in its role in coordinating and connecting major funders with technology experts, experienced change implementors, innovative advocates for leaving no one behind and skilful researchers. That is how SPIDER delivers results and remains relevant throughout the digitalisation wave.

Networking as model

Multi-sector & multi country coordination

Results reached by verified evidence & research

Localised leadership based on priorities

Accountable budgeting & informed investments

In the last five years..


We have organised Digital Impact Events that attract local and international experts

In 2021 we organised DINE – SPIDER’s Digital Impact and Networking Event to showcase how we achieve results. This year SPIDER hosted a Women in Tech event with the ITU and Stockholm University, attended SIF2023, Global Digital Development Forum and many more specialised networking events to steer strategy and policy in international digital development. We continuously also assist others to seek out specific expertise or advise them on trending topics to cover on new human centered technology.


Gender, Inclusion and Equity

¬†SPIDER is a key partner in a multi-country programme funded by the “EQUALS-EU” programme and we also adds value to the research initiative to propel more African researchers to publish in scientific journals on STEM. SPIDER delivers training in the iPRIS project to reduce inequalities across our partner countries and works with marginalised groups and communities with varied abilities.¬†


We know Sustainable Development

Our unique ways to work offer funders a safe investment into sustainability while our partners testify that working with us enables them to build skills while doing what they love doing. SPIDER’s unique models enable local leadership and ownership, mobilises local researchers, change makers, and technology innovators to confidently move towards the Sustainable Development Goal targets.

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