A centre of enablement for inclusive digitaliation that benefits all


An Interconnected world where digital solutions enable everyone to have their needs met and their voices heard.


To ensure the use of appropriate and accessible digital solutions to improve the opportunities and capabilities of poor and marginalised groups everywhere

A center of enablement for digital equity

Very few things have altered the world as much as the digitalisation of our global communities. The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how essential it is to have access to digital tools and how crucial systems-building is when we digitalise our societies. It is easy for many in the well connected cities of the world to assume that the right and access to digitalisation is enjoyed by everyone. This is far from the truth, even in these cities themselves. It is therefore essential to consider how we can achieve digital equity everywhere.

While it is true that the rapid  speed at which we are innovating and progressing digitalisation is mind boggling, we must not forget that currently, digitalisation itself impacts on climate, or that 34% of world population are still not online.   

Digital economies open up oportunities for groups of people who have lacked access to opportunities in the job market, but digital skillsbuilding and training needs to be expanded and the step into work for women in STEAM is still steep.

So how is SPIDER adding value? We bring people together to focus on digitalisation as a tool for human centered digitalisation, we support national development plans that are led by the people in the country and we make sure that all our work is informed by evidence gathered by local research institutions and experts. This is our recipie for advancing towards the Sustainable Development Goals in Agenda 2030.

Two decades of digital development expertise


Last time we counted, we represented over eight countries and beyond 30 languages, despite only being a team of just over dozen people.  What unites the team is the belief that digital transformation has the potential to break down barriers and advance development in an unprecedented way to bring about equity and inclusion.

Meet the SPIDER Board of Trustees

Ulf Pehsson

Judith Owigar

Rodrigo Garay

Susanne Guidetti

Laura Hosman

Bengt Carlsson