Digital Impact

Human centered technology, which is developed with the users, creates lasting changes. This is SPIDER’s impact on the world.

The SPIDER secret to impact

SPIDER is focused on results that transform societies. We engage and mobilise actors beyond boundaries and across divides, guided by the Sustainable Development Goals. We manage development investments for funders who want to have lasting impact in societies. 

The secret ingredient in our work is research and evidence gathering and building of solutions that enable communities to act on challenges. In short, we make sure there is knowledge on what is needed to reach to outcomes we wish to achieve.

Local leadership, equity and diversity opens up possibilities that create, transparency, trust and common understanding of the benefits that digitalisation brings, but also how to work for digitally connected and inclusive communities and economies.


Digitalising the SDGs

What is done to include girls and women in technology and in what way does SPIDER work with SDG 5 or explore other areas of impact

Capturing impact visually

SPIDER DINE (Digital Impact and Networking Event) hosted global partners to showcase results of our work

Smart investments into digital

SPIDER was one of the first organisations to sign on to the Digital Investment Principles and help others to invest


Digital African Network for Cervical Cancer Elimination

SPIDER coordinates a group of partners who are eager to collaborate and team up to reach the common goal of eliminating cervical cancer as a public health threat in Africa.

Stengthening Regulatory Authorities

SPIDER coordinates project iPRIS, a Team Europe initiative, with PTS from Sweden and IRL in Luxembourg and 43 African National Regulatory Authorities.

A Tanzanian lady sits across a male colleague at a table where radio and broadcasting equipment is set between them. They appear to be in a live show.

Bilateral programmes bring results

SPIDER is a center of enablement, based at the Department of Data and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University is involved in numerous bilateral collaborations that bring change.


Focus on communities and results

SPIDER works with all levels and sections of community but what really drives us is the delivery of digital services to community level to enable equitable access that will lead to tangible results.

Combating bias with inclusion

The digital world is often a reflection of the physical one and therefore bias, prejudice and exclusion must be actively challenged with inclusive digitalisation.

Policies that open doors

Bringing partners to the roundtable can unlock possibilities like standardising assistive technology for people with visual and hearing impairment.