Coordinating the sharing of expertise, methods, technology and evidence to end cervical cancer as a major public health threat in Sub-Saharan Africa

Co-ordination for elimination of cervical cancer

SPIDER adds value to the WHO call to action to end cervical cancer as a major public health threat by coordinating and enabling key partnerships and where technology has the power to transform the awareness, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and end of life care made available to women in Africa.

  • Multi-sector programme approach
  • Mapping initiatives
  • International Capacity Building initiative
  • Research on technology enabled cancer programming
  • Co-operation instead of competition
  • Investment according to the Digital Investment Principles.

Cervical cancer is the leading cause of deaths from cancers among women in Sub-Saharan Africa, despite it being a form of cancer that is easy to prevent and treatable if detected early. 

 SPIDER has invested in cervical cancer programming since 2016 and in 2022 when the Lancet African Commissioners report on Cancer was published, it was clear to us that we have a role to play in coordinating efforts in digital health for the elimination of this form of cancer.