Connecting for Health: The role of Connect Somalia

Connecting for Health: The Role of Connect Somalia

Connect Somalia serves as a bridge, connecting the diaspora with healthcare needs in Somalia

Why Diaspora Matters

Throughout history, diaspora has played an important role in shaping the destinies of nations. Serving as a pool of diverse skills, resources and untapped potential, the diaspora’s influential presence goes beyond borders. In Africa, and in particular Somalia, the diaspora has silently contributed for decades to various sectors, with a significant impact on healthcare, entrepreneurship, and economic stability through remittances. Despite significant strides in rebuilding since the civil war, Somalia grapples with remaining consequences of fragile institutions and resource fragmentation, including the diaspora support, which hinder the nation’s development.

Digital Portal to Connect Somali Diaspora

Through a collaborative project with the Somali Ministry of Health, SPIDER has engaged the Somali diaspora in Sweden. Various meetings and events over the years have highlighted a clear signal regarding the lack of information and platforms to effectively channel diaspora resources. Through these discussions, a need for a bridge to connect the resources with the healthcare needs has emerged, leading to the creation of Connect Somalia.

How Connect Somalia Works

Connect Somalia is not about reinventing the wheel but rather focuses on harnessing the existing generosity and readiness of the diaspora to propel development. Connect Somalia functions as a digital portal, serving as a centralised platform listing healthcare facilities and their needs across different Somali regions. Individuals and organizations within the diaspora can register, providing brief profiles of their professional backgrounds and specifying the support they can provide. While its primary focus is on healthcare, the initiative recognises the need for all kinds of professionals, such as IT development, construction, finance, logistics, data management, in addition to traditional health professionals such as doctors and nurses.

Showcasing Existing Diaspora Impact

Connect Somalia also strives to make visible existing diaspora work that are already making substantial impact on the ground. The goal is to raise awareness and garner further support for their ongoing efforts, encouraging a collaborative environment that reduce duplication and fragmentation and that amplifies the positive influence of the diaspora on the healthcare sector in Somalia.  

In Summary

In essence, this portal acts as a facilitator, connecting resources with needs and promoting collaborations that contribute to the advancement of healthcare in Somalia.

Join us in building a healthier, stronger Somalia through Connect Somalia. Your connection matters.

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