Health Systems Strengthening

Interoperability and building human-centered digital health systems is central to how SPIDER strengthens health systems for Universal Health coverage.

SPIDER coordinates local leadership – local ownership and global digitalisation standards to ensure innovative health work flows and patient-centered health services for SDG3.

Current Programmes

DANCCE – Cervical Cancer

The DIgital African Network for Cervical Cancer Elimination (DANCCE) is a SPIDER coordinated programme that unites initiatives aimed at eliminating Cervical Cancer as a major public health threat in Sub-saharan Africa.

#AFRICA Digital Map of Cervical Cancer efforts

As a way to foster collaboration, innovation and regional systematic elimination of Cervical Cancer, SPIDER supports Kenya Network of Cancer Organisations to map licenced technology, research projects, awareness and prevention campaign, screening servives and treatment options in 15 African countries.


#AFRICA Regional DANCCE expert roundtables

SPIDER as a centre of enablement actively supports peer-learning and cross-sector partnerships for cervical cancer elimination. Kenya Network of Cancer Organisation, Uganda Cancer Institute, and other key experts will facilitate regional expert roundtables to enable scalable digital solutions for CxCa elimination.


#Uganda Cervical Cancer Screening Registry

SPIDER supports the building of a cervical cancer screening registry in Uganda by the Uganda Cancer Institute as a way to scale SPIDER’s support to a be able to engage women who seek screening services for follow up.


HADDA – Somalia

The Health Alliance for Digital Development & Action (HADDA), a SPIDER coordinated programme for digitalising Health Information Management Systems in Somalia supportsĀ  the Federal Ministry of Health to strengthen equitable health in Maternal and Child Health (HCH) clinics through local partners Nomad Innovation Lab and SIDRA Institute.



HoliCare is a European and Africal collaboration facilitating the broad access to diagnosis of respiratory Tract Infections.

SPIDER being based at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm Universiy is tasked with strengthening human capital in Africa through the transfer of knowledge and know-how by developing research exchange programme for researchers, training programme for post graduate students and coordinating online courses, workshops, and conferences.