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We are a versatile team with intersectional skills and knowledge in inclusive digitalisation, and we are keen to share that with you and your organisation. SPIDER will either assist you, or if we do not have the resources, do our best to point you in the right direction.

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Capacity Development

Digital Investment Principles

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Teams & Groups

We have delivered tailored trainings to teams who implement change intitiatives, to public authorities that want to engage in digital development with a more inclusive approach and to development funders keen to understand inclusive digitalisation.

Not for profit = competetive prices

Essential understanding of result based management for development outcomes

Hybrid, in person or mixed training delivery at your own pace with experts in the field

Practical tools

Work with global principles

Our partners appreciate that SPIDER has specialist knowledge  that can directly be linked to their specific thematic areas in order to develop practical tools and models that include key results and engage promote equity in a multitude of ways, 

Principles for Digital Development

Digital Investment Principles

Results Based Management in Digital Development

Smart result focused inevestments


Making the right decisions for result focused investment of development funds is not as easy as it may seem. Digitalising international development requires a vast understanding of sector goals and industry standards. SPIDER helps development and impact funders to aquire the tools to make smart investments. Email info(at)spidercenter.org to be informed about the launch of Funders Hub for inclusive digital development. Write FUNDERS HUB in the subject line. We look forward to working with you!



There are many thematic insights we can share, whether your organisation has long or short experience of a certain sector, SPIDER can share our two decades long experience in how your sector can approach digitalisation projects. 

Practical workshops on how to design projects with digital inclusion

Gender, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workshops.

Transparency in digital development programming, anti corrution in practice

Contact us to upgrade yourself, your team or your whole organisation

It’s a bit of a play around with common digitalisation words, what we mean is that we are happy to support your professional development and your organisations direction towards an inclusive digital society that benefits people and planet.

Send us an email on info(at)spidercenter.org to set up a brief meeting to discuss your capacity building needs or how to best support your organisations contribution to digital inclusion.

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