HoliCare in Addis Abeba

The HoliCare Diagnostics project team gathered in Addis Abeba on the last week of October 2023 to hold the annual meeting and engage in hands-on project work.

SPIDER, from the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University co-ordinated the workshop with Armauer Hansen Research Insitute in Addis Abeba.

The HoliCare project is a unique opportunity to support young African scientists to acquire applied knowledge in patient management and epidemic surveillance by  converging diagnostic technologies.

In the photos, you see our Director Dr. Caroline Wamala Larsson, and colleague Dr. Muna Elmi with partners Dr. Hiwot Abayneh (AHRI) and Dr Steven Odong (Makerere University). Participants seen in images and videos have given their consent to display these images as part of the Holicare project.

HOLICARE is funded by the European Commission as part of the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme, under Grant Agreement Nº 101057596

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