Program Page TEMPLATE

This is the program description. What is unique about SPIDER’s approach to it, and what is the overarching goal.

Two paragraphs maximum, clear and concise. Do not write about projects, that follows further down.

DigiLearn shows remarkable results in Zambia

Access to high quality learning content and teachers to support using ICTs for learning makes a great difference for students in Southern Luangwa valley, Zambia.

Current Projects

Project Title

Project description. Short and concise. In order to achieve X, SPIDER does Y with implementing partner ABC. One paragraph.


Mobile World Congress highlights Gender Policy Brief by SPIDER

Are you attending the Mobile World Congress this week? The event brings together top global companies, governments, tech businesses, and senior executives to exchange ideas on the future of mobile technology. Conversations throughout the week will shape the future of...

Holicare: Upcoming events in 2024

Holicare Academy hold knowledge transfer sessions about lower respiratory tract infections – diagnostics. These are the upcoming events for 2024.